Awards & Orations

SR Naik Oration Award

Prof. SR Naik was born in Goa in 1943. After receiving his medical training at the Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, he joined the Postgraduate Institute at Chandigarh in 1973 as Lecturer in Tropical Medicine. In 1982, he moved to KEM Hospital in Mumbai as a Professor in the newly established Department of Gastroenterology, which he helped set up. In 1987, he moved yet again this time to Lucknow to set up the Department of Gastroenterology at this institution, where he worked till his untimely death in 2002 at a young age.

Dr. Naik was an excellent gastroenterologist, teacher and researcher. His major areas of interests were viral hepatitis (in particular, hepatitis E and B), chronic liver disease, subclinical hepatic encephalopathy, gastrointestinal physiology, mal absorption and gastrointestinal infections. He was the editor of Indian Journal of Gastroenterology, a peer-reviewed indexed journal, for 12 years. The SR Naik Oration was instituted by the Indian Association for Study of the Liver in the year 2003 to commemorate the memory and contributions of Prof. Naik.

Recipients of SR Naik Oration Award

2010- Subrat K. Acharya
2011- F. Blaine Hollinger
2012- Dieter Haussinger
2013- Carlo Merkel
2014- Mauro Bernardi
2015- George V Papatheodoridis
2016- Arun J. Sanyal
2017- Timothy R. Morgan

Dr. Timothy R. Morgan is Chief of Hepatology at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System and Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Irvine.
Topic: Current management of Alcoholic Hepatitis

N Madanagopalan Oration Award

Born on 25th October, Prof N Madanagopalan obtained his MBBS degree in 1955 from Stanley Medical College winning medals, prizes and certificates of honour in most subjects and achieved the First rank in the University of Madras. He passed MD in Medicine in 1959 and received MRCP (Edinburg) with alimentary diseases as a special subject in 1960. On returning to India he joined his parent department of Medicine at Govt. General Hospital, Madras and established the Department of Gastroenterology in Madras Medical College in 1971. The symbiosis of passion for research (viral hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma, subacute hepatic failure, Coarctation of Inferior Vena Cava, role of adulterants of edible oil and tea leaves as cocarcinogens for HCC and adulteration of edible oil with rubber seed oil as cause for increasing prevalence of Chronic calcific pancreatitis) and his zeal for teaching enabled him to probe into unsolved problems spanning the spectrum of epidemiological, clinical and investigative aspects in gastroenterology. This culminated in over 200 publications. The N Madangopalan Oration was instituted by the Indian Association for Study of the Liver in the year 2003 to commemorate the memory and contributions. This year’s oration will be delivered by Dr. Vivek A Saraswat.

Recipients of N Madanagopalan Oration Award

2010- Andrew Burroughs
2011- Vijay Shah
2012- Yogesh K. Chawla
2013- Deepak Amarapurkar
2014- Rakesh Aggarwal
2015- R.K Dhiman
2016- Vivek A Saraswat
2017- Premashish Kar

Dr. Premashishkar is Retired Director of Medicine Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.
Current Director and Head of the Department - Gastroenterology and Hepatilogy, Max Super Speciality Hospital.
Topic: Hepatitis E infection in pregnancy - Why the disease is so stormy?

Plenary Session Award

There will 03 awards for three best presentations during 'Plenary Session'.

INASL –Abbott Presidential Poster Award

There are 10 awards for 10 best poster presentations.

International Delegates Awards

In order to felicitate International Delegates participation ‘free registration, accommodation and free travel within India’ will be provided to all International Delegates whose abstract is accepted either for ‘Plenary Oral Session’ or for ‘Poster Presentation’. However a written request should be made separately to Professor R K Dhiman, Secretary General, INASL
( to become eligible for this award.